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This document is an amendment to Unizin's general Support Policy.  Information contained in the general policy applies here for terms not covered by this product specific policy.

Unizin operates the Unizin Data Warehouse (UDW) as a full-service product.

Tier 1: Support & Administration

Members are responsible for Tier 1 support for their UDW. Typically, Sponsor teams will own Tier 1 support for their institution's UDW. Unizin does not presently provide a management console to Sponsor Teams. Sponsor teams and their Tier 1 staff should be technically able.

Tier 1 support cases will likely involve troubleshooting connection issues, password resets (via a Support Ticket), information on database schemas, and other basic use issues.

Sponsor Teams may delegate Tier 1 support to their local Help Desk if appropriate.

Tier 2: Unizin Support

Technical issues regarding the performance, availability, or periodic updates of a Member UDW should be submitted to the Unizin support team as a Support Ticket. In the unlikely event that the UDW is unreachable, please create a System Down Ticket.

Scope of Support

Unizin's Support Policy begins and ends with the provision of a reliable, provisioned UDW hosted in the cloud.

Unizin does not provide tools or custom tool development to access UDWs. As Redshift supports ODBC, JDBC and direct-access client tools, diverse tools may be used to access or interface with a Member UDW. Unizin does not support client tools used to access an UDW but will attempt to assist when possible. To troubleshoot connection issues, Tier 1 support may try using SQL Workbench/J and the Redshift JDBC driver to check performance or connection issues (as recommended by Amazon).

Unizin does not optimize or rewrite queries for Members. If your queries perform poorly or have long execution times, you may consider local expertise to optimize the query. If you suspect a performance issue unrelated to a particular query, please create a Support Ticket following the normal Tier 2 support process.

Support may vary by UDW Data Service, in which case the details of Unizin's support responsibilities are identified in the UDW Data Service specifications.

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