EPUB for Engage allows for the delivery of EPUB formatted files within the Unizin Engage platform.

The EPUB Reader Configuration

EvidentPoint’s ActiveTextbook (ATB) reader is utilized to deliver EPUBs in Engage. The ATB reader is implemented behind the scenes for your Institution by Unizin's Services team. ATB is configured as the LTI provider, while your Engage tenant is the LTI consumer. There are no additional LTI tools necessary to configure within your LMS. Engage will not have any difference in the look or feel when it comes to incorporating the ATB reader into the platform. The ATB reader is embedded into the reader experience of Engage.

If you are an institutional Program Administrator and would to discuss having the EPUB reader configured for your Engage site, please submit a request to services@unizin.org. Note: You should already have an Engage site prior to submitting this request.

Provisioning of EPUB Materials

EPUB delivery is available as a full-service offering. EPUB materials are sourced by Unizin's Publisher Services team and provisioned in Engage, similar to the manner in which PDF content is delivered in the Engage reader. Currently, this is the only method in which EPUB materials are provisioned in Engage. The option to upload an EPUB file directly into the Engage platform is not supported at this time.

Accessing EPUB Content in Engage

Users will be able to access their EPUB books directly from the Engage home page. If there are any EPUB materials within a class, they will appear on the home page, just like the PDF or uploaded materials will. There will not be a noticeable difference until users open the EPUB. Once the EPUB is launched, the ATB reader will open for the EPUB within the Engage mainframe.