Unizin is committed to providing excellent support to institutions’ students, faculty, and staff.  This policy defines the general support practices and processes for Unizin products and services.

This is not a workflow document nor does it contain detailed steps and processes. Common sense should be applied when reading this guide.

Each product or service may also have its own support policy that supplements this general policy. Please continue reading for descriptions of product-specific support policies. If the Unizin Support Policy and the product-specific policy are in conflict, the product-specific support policy overrides for that particular product or service.

Tier 1 Support / Initial Point of Contact

Each institution must identify a Sponsor Team or individual for each Unizin product or service being utilized. The Sponsor Team is considered the owner of the offering and is responsible for either providing Tier 1 support or for delegating the support to the institution’s Help Desk.  

All initial questions and feedback should be directed to the Sponsor Team or Help Desk as appropriate.

Tier 2 Support

If a Sponsor Team, individual or institution’s Help Desk is unable to resolve an issue or answer a question, they may pass the issue to the Unizin Staff for assistance. Unizin agrees to coordinate with an institution’s Help Desk to ensure an efficient and responsive workflow.

The Help Desk shall have access to the Unizin Customer Support Portal to request assistance from and communicate with Unizin Staff. Therein the institution should create a support ticket for assistance in the Ticketing System.

In the unlikely event that the UDW is unreachable, please create a System Down Ticket.

Support Hours

Unizin shall provide Customer Support from 8AM to 5PM ET M-F for High, Medium, and Low incidents, with the exception of Unizin observed holidays.

Unizin shall provide emergency support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for Critical incidents.

General Service Level Expectation (SLE)

Each Unizin product or service may have its own SLE; refer to the note at the top of this document and the links at the end.

Incident management

Unizin shall employ support and engineering personnel with expertise in technical issues related to Unizin products, services, digital security, and system infrastructure. Unizin shall also provide institution with contact information in the event of a critical incident after normal customer support hours.

1- Critical

2 - High

3 - Medium

4 - Low


Product or service unavailable to all users

Product or service unavailable to be used by large portion of users

Product or service unavailable to small portion of users

Little impact to most users. Or product or service causes users to be unable to perform part of an activity

Business Impact

Serious business impact exposure

Moderate business impact exposure

Small business impact exposure

Minimal business impact exposure


No acceptable workaround exists

Acceptable workaround may not exist

Acceptable workaround may exist

Acceptable workaround exists

Response Levels

Initial response within 2 hours and follow-up responses within 2 hours thereafter until resolution

Initial response within 4 hours and daily thereafter until resolution

Initial response within 2 business days and within every 4 business days thereafter until resolution.

Initial response within 5 business days and upon resolution

Change management

Unizin will use reasonable efforts to schedule downtime for routine maintenance and release changes outside of normal business hours, and provide institutions reasonable advance notice of all scheduled outages for Unizin products and services updates. 

1 – Hot Fix

2 – Platform Release

3 – Application Release

User Impact

Users may or may not be impacted

Users are not impacted

Users are impacted

Business Impact

Product or service unavailable or at high risk to a known vulnerability or defect

Platform and/or infrastructure improvements to reliability, performance, security, availability, or core capabilities

Introduction of new applications, features, enhancements, and bug fixes

Response Levels

No lead time of notifications guaranteed as performing the update is of utmost importance

No lead time guaranteed unless outage required; If outage required 36 hours advance notice to mitigate potential user impact

At least 10 business days advance notice will be given; Unizin shall plan such scheduled releases until a non-busy period for the institutions

Generally speaking, the release plan is intended to be commensurate with the degree of change and the value of the change and coordinated with institutions’ academic calendars as appropriate

Product Specific Support Policies

Unizin Engage

Unizin Data Warehouse


Browser Support

Many of the products and services that Unizin provides operate in a web browser. To ensure a reliable experience, Unizin maintains a Browser Support Policy

Third Party and Custom Solution Support

In some cases, third party solutions may be used to interface with Unizin products and services. While Unizin will review any issues and provide best effort support, third party support is outside of the scope of Unizin services and Unizin may not be able to resolve the issue.  Similarly, any issues or questions regarding custom tools, processes, queries and the like created by an institution cannot be fully supported by Unizin, but best effort will be provided to assist. Please reach out to your provider representatives if you require immediate assistance or support with their tools.

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