By default, only the lms loading schemas is enabled via the UDP_LOADING_SCHEMAS environment variable. To change this you will need to edit the airflow configmap, to do so run the following command:

Patch Configmap
UDP_LOADING_SCHEMAS="[\\\"sis\\\",\\\"lms\\\"]" # sis & lms enabled
#UDP_LOADING_SCHEMAS="[\\\"lms\\\"]" # lms only
#UDP_LOADING_SCHEMAS="[\\\"sis\\\"]" # sis only

kubectl patch configmap \
	-n ${NAMESPACE} \
	$(kubectl get configmap \
		-n ${NAMESPACE} \
		-o=jsonpath='{.items[?(@.metadata.labels.role=="batch-ingest")]}') \
	--patch "{\"data\":{\"UDP_LOADING_SCHEMAS\":\"${UDP_LOADING_SCHEMAS}\"}}"

Next restart the airflow Statefulset:

Restart StatefulSet
kubectl rollout restart sts \
	-n ${NAMESPACE} \
	$(kubectl get sts -n ${NAMESPACE} -o=jsonpath='{.items[?(@.metadata.labels.role=="batch-ingest")]}')
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