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Once submitted, all Content requests are given a status which helps track their progress over time. The details can be displayed or hidden by using the toggle on the right.  The following are the possible statuses of a content request:




The content request was submitted by the user and is not yet under review.




Unizin Publisher Services is now reviewing the request and researching whether we can deliver the content.



The content request is approved, meaning it will be delivered as part of its order.



Unizin Publisher Services has denied the request. It cannot be delivered.



The user has cancelled the content request.

In various parts of Order Tool, the status of a content request will be both an icon and a label. The status icons are useful shortcuts to identify a status, filter by it, etc.


Unizin Publisher Services will provide updates to a content request by changing its status or by adding comments to the content request. These comments will be used to update the user about whether Unizin can fulfill a content request or not. Comments connected to a content request are presented in many places in Order Tool.