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This article covers how Instructors and Coordinators place Coordinators, and Program Administrators place an order for a Course Offering in a particular Session of an Academic Term.


After logging into the Order Tool, Instructors and Coordinators  Order Tool users are presented with Course offerings in one or more open Ordering periods.


Once you have identified a course offering and Instructor for which you wish to place an order, click "Start Order."

Program Administrators are presented a list of all Course offerings available to the institution. These administrator users inherently have access place orders for all Sessions, Courses, and Sections in Order Tool. The workflow to select a Course offering is the same as that of a Coordinator. (See above)


2. Select one or more Sections


  • Search for course materials you wish to use in your course
  • Apply the available filters to fine-tune your search results
  • Add the course materials to your shopping cart
  • Review and place your order


  • Author
  • Title
  • Publisher name
  • ISBN



You must enter at least three characters into the search bar to identify course materials.


Apply filters to narrow search results


Filter by publishers

The publishers' filter allows users to select the publisher or publishers of the course material they may be searching for, which will narrow the search criteria to include only the selected publisher(s).


Select "Show more" to expand the full list of available publishers.


Filter by material type

You may fine-tune the search results further by utilizing the material type filter. This filter displays the type of materials that you may order in the catalog. There are two types of materials: eText and DLT.

An eText material is the an ebook, PDF version of the class material. It will be delivered in Unizin's Engage platform for the section(s) associated with your order.


A DLT material is digital courseware, which are is specific to each individual publisher. Courseware materials will be configured and delivered by the appropriate publisher's representatives for the section(s) associated with your order. Courseware may include learning, lab, and homework platforms offered by each publisher.


The publishers and material type filters may be used individually or in combination with one another , if desired.

Selecting course materials