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Academic institutions will, however, need to configure their UDP instance (in a self-hosted scenario) to integrate an LMS context dataset from a supported LMS. They may also need to configure their LMS to send Caliper conformant data to the UDP Caliper endpoint.

Instructure Canvas

The UDP currently supports fully-managed data context and behavior data integrations from Instructure Canvas.

Context data

The UDP uses the Canvas Data product (whose data schema is publicly available) as the basis for the context data integration. Because the data integration is fully-managed, academic institutions need not write a data integration from Canvas that conforms with the LMS loading schema. This conformance already exists in the UDP's integration. Unizin maintains a mapping of Canvas Data to the LMS loading schema.

If your institution uses Instructure Canvas, then integrating context data from Canvas to your UDP instance is a simple configuration. In particular, you will need to create a Canvas Data API key and secret and configure the UDP to use them.

Behavior data

Instructure’s Canvas Live Events service offers real-time behavioral data in the IMS Global Caliper standard.

At present, the UDP supports Canvas's JWT-based method of integrating Canvas Live Events with a learning record store. Canvas may also call this the "HTTPS"-based integration method. Canvas administrators will configure a new data stream from the administration panel in Canvas. This data stream will point to the hostname for their UDP Caliper endpoint.Current LMS Support: