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Devices and Browsers

 Please visit our Help documentation for information on Device and Browser Support.

Browser Issues

Users may experience issues due to browser settings.  Common things to check include:

  • Pop-up blocker 
    • If pop-up blocker is on, users may not see Engage when clicking on the link within your LMS.  Resolve this by disabling pop-up blocker or by adding your institution's Courseload URL (e.g., to the trusted sites within the browser.
  • Third party cookies
    • If third party cookies are disabled, users may see a login screen instead of Engage after clicking the link within your LMS.  Resolve this by enabling third party-cookies in the user's browser. Information on enabling third-party cookies can be found here:
  • Caching
    • If users experience issues with unexpected page views, page numbering or encounter issues while checking out a book, it may be necessary for the user to clear the browser cache and refresh the page to resolve the issue.
  • Incompatible or Malicious Browser extensions
    • Browser extensions and plugins that modify page content or redirect web requests can interfere with loading Engage and/or displaying content. Symptoms of an incompatible or malicious extension may include:
      1. Content does not load properly, or at all, even after clearing cache and cookies.
      2. Engage works properly in another browser or on a different computer for the same user.
      3. Engage works properly in "Incognito Mode" (Chrome) or in a "Private Window" (Firefox), where by default extensions are disabled, but does not work in a normal (extensions-enabled) window.
      4. Disabling all browser extensions allows Engage to work properly.

Common Browser Questions

Q: I clicked on the link in my LMS course but nothing happens.  Why can't I see my eText? 

Check to see if pop-ups are blocked in the browser.

Q: How can I use my class materials while offline?                                             

Please see our article on Offline Access.