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  1. Open the Unizin Read app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the Get Books button.

    A list of the courses available for your account appears.
  3. Tap the course for which you want to download content.
    A list of downloadable content that is available for your account appears. Remember, only your eTextbooks are available through the Unizin Read app. Other materials that your instructor may have added to the course must be accessed through the browser-based application.
  4. Tap the title of a piece of content to download it to your mobile device.

 Reading Reading and Studying


You can open a piece of content, page through, and jump to specific pages in the table of contents or bookmarks.


  1. Open the Unizin Read app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the Library button.

    A list of available materials in your library appears. You can use the buttons on this screen to change the presentation () and order in which the materials appear (Recent, Title, Author).
  3. Tap the title of the piece of content that you want to read. The content appears on the screen. You can:
    • Swipe left or right to page backward or forward.
    • Tap the Contents button to view a Table of Contents from which you can jump to the beginning of a chapter or section.
    • Tap the Bookmarks button to view a list of bookmarks and notes you previously made within Unizin Read and jump to any of them.

Creating Bookmarks and Taking Notes

You can place bookmarks and include notes within those bookmarks. Note: bookmarks and notes that you create in the mobile app are not available to the browser-based application or the Unizin Read app on other devices. The bookmarks and notes are deleted when the material expires.