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Lastly, submit your reorder. You will receive a confirmation once complete.

The Reordering feature is available to all ordering personas. It provides a streamlined reordering experience by enabling Instructors, Course Coordinators, and Program Administrators to reorder for any course where an order has been previously placed. Courses are matched based on course subject, course number, and campus (if applicable).

In the same way as placing an order, each persona will be presented with Course offerings for which they may be permitted to place orders. Ordering personas can reorder for a Course during an open Ordering Period. Courses are eligible for reordering when there is a previously placed order associated with the Course in the same term or a different term. Only those orders containing at least one catalog item can be reordered for a Course; in other words, Content Requests cannot be reordered. In the case that a previously ordered catalog item does not have an offer in the Offer Catalog, a content request will be auto-generated and added to the reorder.

There are two paths to reordering for a course: (1) from the "Place an Order" view and (2) from the order itself in the "Order History" view. Once you select the right sections and the previous order, you will also be able to make changes before submitting a reorder.

Reordering Reminder Email Notifications