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Once the backfill offer records are created in an institution’s production tenant, the offer ids must be provided to the institution. From here, the institution (often in partnership with the publisher or learning tools vendor) will create an “entitlement.csv” file.

Next, an institution will upload the “entitlement.csv” file to their “sis-data” bucket, for the appropriate environment (UAT or PROD) to BrickFTP. The Unizin team recommends testing this import in UAT prior to performing it in an institution’s PROD tenant. To run the import, the Unizin Services team work with engineering to perform this at an agreed upon date/time. Unizin engineering should be able to provide a final report of the number of entitlements created and the set of records (from the CSV) where an entitlement was not created and why. The set of records where an entitlement was not created will be provided back to the institution for review.

Unizin will discuss with the institution how they intend to facilitate ordering for this digital course material in the future. For some institutions, it might make sense for the Unizin team (i.e. Director of Partnerships) to add these offers manually. For other institutions, it might make sense for them to provide offers through the Institutional Catalog Import. This process will be performed on a case-by-case basis.


The entitlement.csv file must contain all data outlined below.


For additional information, please see the csv our File requirements documentation here.