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Unizin offers each Member Institution an Unizin Data Warehouse (UDW). An A UDW provides an institution-wide data warehouse solution for learning analytics data Canvas Data. UDWs are offered as a full-service product. Once implemented, UDWs are generally updated daily (based on the availability of Canvas Data, which is issued every 24-36 hours).

Amazon Redshift


Unizin's UDW product is based on The Unizin Data Warehouse uses Amazon Redshift, a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse. Each Member 's UDW is a Redshift database hosted within an Unizin-managed Amazon Redshift cluster. Unizin's Redshift clusters are high-uptime, load-balanced, and secure. Computing resources auto-scale to meet Member UDW need.


Member UDWs are presently read-only. Future versions of the UDW will enable institutions to upload their own data and manage data access.

UDW Data Services

Unizin pairs its Unizin Data Warehouse solution with UDW Data Services, which provision and periodically update a Member's UDW with data from a particular source. At present, Unizin offers an UDW Data Service for Canvas Data

Unizin Core Technology: Data Mover

The Unizin UDW service relies on Unizin’s Data Mover Technology. The Data Mover is a general purpose data infrastructure solution to consuming, processing, normalizing, and migrating sources of bulk data to Unizin Data Warehouses at periodic intervals. UDW Data Services are Data Movers that have been configured for a particular data source, schema, and update needs.