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Orders may also be canceled during the ordering workflow and after an order has been placed. When you cancel an order, the content items ordered will no longer be delivered to your students.Important notes: 

  • Placed orders may only be canceled during an open Ordering period


  • unless the user is a Program Administrator. If an order must be canceled after an Ordering period is closed, please


  • reach out to your institution's Program Administrator(s) for assistance.
  • Orders may only be canceled by the user who placed the order or by


  • Coordinator


  •  with suitable permissionsProgram Administrators can cancel any and all orders ever created.

Cancel a placed order

To cancel a placed order, identify the course for which the order was placed from the Courses screen. You will first view the order and then cancel it. 

Instructors will see presented courses they're assigned to teach for an upcoming academic term. Identify the course for which the order has been placed and click the order number link.

Coordinators will and Program Administrators will see presented the instructors and courses on whose behalf they may submit content orders. Identify the instructor and course offering for which the order was placed and click the order number link.

Clicking the order number will present an Order summary screen summarizing information about the order. At the top right of the Order summary screen will be a "Cancel Order" button.

Note: this  


This button is only available if the user viewing the Order is the same as the user who placed the Order.

Click "Cancel orderOrder" to cancel the placed order. You will be asked to confirm your action. A prompt will appear at the top of the screen to confirm that your order was cancelledcanceled.

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