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Comment: I added a line to the formatting section that specifies "UTF-8 encoding" for all files. We did have a specific element on "terminating" a line, but we should be really explicit in the file format.


  • Generated daily. Data that impacts ordering changes every day.
  • Full dumps, not deltas. We require you to effectively produce a snapshot (full dump) of the data integration every night.
  • Represent all data, even if optional. Not all data requested in an integration file is required. However, the Unizin Order Tool expects you to represent optional data you choose not to share with the string "null."
  • Headers. Your CSV files must have a header row on line 1. The tables below provides provide header names for each CSV file. Headers must be present for optional data.
  • Formatting. The CSV files for SIS data should adhere to the following formatting rules:
    • All files should be UTF-8 encoded
    • Terminate lines with a UTF-8 Unix style newline

    • If no value is required or available for a field, use the string "null" as the value, not a blank
    • The escape character is a backslash (\)

    • All values must be in double-quotes

    • All whitespace after the separator (,) will be imported. Avoid extraneous whitespace.