Commonly asked questions

User questions and issues can be categorized into four general areas:

  • Browser issues
  • Device support
  • LMS-related problems
  • Basic Engage functionality questions

Devices and Browsers

 Please visit our Help documentation for information on Device and Browser Support.

Browser Issues

Users may experience issues due to browser settings.  Common things to check include:

  • Pop-up blocker 
    • If pop-up blocker is on, users may not see Engage when clicking on the link within your LMS.  Resolve this by disabling pop-up blocker or by adding your institution's Courseload URL (e.g., to the trusted sites within the browser.
  • Third party cookies
    • If third party cookies are disabled, users may see a login screen instead of Engage after clicking the link within your LMS.  Resolve this by enabling third party-cookies in the user's browser. Information on enabling third-party cookies can be found here:
  • Caching
    • If users experience issues with unexpected page views, page numbering or encounter issues while checking out a book, it may be necessary for the user to clear the browser cache and refresh the page to resolve the issue.
  • Incompatible or Malicious Browser extensions
    • Browser extensions and plugins that modify page content or redirect web requests can interfere with loading Engage and/or displaying content. Symptoms of an incompatible or malicious extension may include:
      1. Content does not load properly, or at all, even after clearing cache and cookies.
      2. Engage works properly in another browser or on a different computer for the same user.
      3. Engage works properly in "Incognito Mode" (Chrome) or in a "Private Window" (Firefox), where by default extensions are disabled, but does not work in a normal (extensions-enabled) window.
      4. Disabling all browser extensions allows Engage to work properly.

Common Browser Questions

Q: I clicked on the link in my LMS course but nothing happens.  Why can't I see my eText? 

Check to see if pop-ups are blocked in the browser.

Q: How can I use my class materials while offline?                                             

Please see our article on Offline Access.


Common Device Questions

Q: What devices do you support?
Engage works on devices with a modern web browser.  For the best experience we recommend using a Mac or PC with the most recent version of Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Engage supports the two most recent versions of modern HTML5 browsers, and it can also be accessed through the browser on an up-to-date Apple iPad, Android tablet, or Windows tablet device. The small screen size of the Apple iPhone and Android Smartphone can make for difficult reading & navigation. Engage does not support the Amazon Kindle or NOOK devices.

Q: Is there an app for the iOS or Android devices?
We have a native app available for iOS and Android devices. Please see our help documentation for more information. The Unizin Read app may not be available for all materials, depending on publisher restrictions.

Q: Can I read offline on my iPad or Android tablet?
See above question.  The Unizin Read app may be used for offline reading on an iOS or Android device.

Q: Do you support reading on the Amazon Kindle?
Unfortunately, the Amazon Kindle does not have a web browser that supports interactive web applications like Engage.

Q: Can Engage be used on the NOOK?
Unfortunately, the NOOK does not have a web browser that supports interactive web applications like Engage.

Q: Our LMS doesn’t work on an iPad, can we still use Engage?
No. Engage currently uses your school’s LMS (or identity provider) for single-sign on. Therefore, students will need to be able to access your LMS or identify provider on a device to use Engage.

Q: Will our students have access to the PDF to load onto an iPad or Kindle?
No. Engage does not deliver files in PDF format via the web browser or through any device. In order to provide students and faculty with interactive tools and protect the intellectual property of publishers, Engage streams pages to the browser and cannot provide PDF files for download. 

Q: How do I scroll in Engage on the iPad?
You can scroll up or down on a page by touching and dragging with your finger. Press-and-hold for a brief time to create a highlight.

Common LMS Integration Questions
Q: Where can I find the Engage link in the LMS?
The link to Engage is found within a specific course.  The location of the link will depend on the LMS used by your institution and how the course is structured within the LMS.  The actual link could be labeled "Unizin Engage", "Textbook", "eText", "Online Course Resource", or something similar.  The label used for the link is determined by the person who set up the course on your LMS.

Q: When I click the link to Engage, nothing happens.
Check to see if pop-ups are blocked in the browser.

Q: When I click the link to Engage, I receive a message indicating that my course isn't using "online course resources."
This is an Engage message indicating that there is not a corresponding course in Engage with a matching LMS course ID.  Contact Unizin Support for help with this by submitting a ticket.

Basic Engage Functionality

Basic Engage functionality questions can be categorized into three general areas:

  1. Printing
  2. Viewing and sharing notes
  3. Offline mode

Common Engage Functionality Questions
Q: How do I print from the platform? 
Course materials can be printed directly from the Engage platform.  Please see the articles on printing course materials in Engage.
Q: Why is printing slow? 

The processing of print jobs will depend on the number of pages being printed, the level of graphic complexity on the printed pages and the user's Internet connection speed.  Large print jobs comprised of complex graphics will take longer to process than smaller, simpler jobs.

Q: How do I view my instructor’s notes? 

If an instructor has added notes to an online course material, students can easily view them. Read the article on taking notes in Engage for details.

Q: How do I share my notes? 

Students can share their notes with their classmates.  Read article on Collaborating with Others in Engage for more information.