Teaching assignments change before and during an Ordering period. It is not uncommon for sections to be added to or removed from an Instructor's teaching load. The Unizin Order Tool makes it easy to enable changes in a placed order when a section is removed or added to a teaching load.

Removed sections

The Order Tool automatically detects that Sections were added to or removed from a teaching load for an Instructor during the Ordering period. If a Section has been removed from a course for which an order is placed, the order will not be fulfilled for that section.

Adding sections to a placed order

If one or more Sections have been added to a course for which an order is already placed, then Order Tool will signal this fact in the user interface and an InstructorCoordinator, or Program Administrator must add it to an existing order. The representation of the course and section type will indicate that N of N sections are ordered for.


The new sections in a Course teaching load can be added to the existing order: