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When an institution UDP tenant in SIT is active, then its integration, import, and storage functions for all learning data pushed into it are operational. By “all data” we refer to both context and behavior data from the SIS, LMS, and learning tools.

By contrast, when an institutional UDP tenant in SIT is hibernated, the UDP tenant no longer imports data, and all data is removed from the tenant’s data stores, and its data stores are no longer available to the institution.

Valid SIT environment activities

The purpose of this service level amendment is to define the valid uses of the SIT environment by an institution and Unizin. When a SIT environment tenant is not used for valid activities, it will be is hibernated by Unizin

UDP Implementation

When an institution implements the UDP, a tenant in the SIT environment will be used is used to drive the implementation process. When the UDP implementation process is completed, all data integrations are completed in PROD and the SIT tenant is hibernated.


As part of Unizin’s normal software development lifecycle, Unizin may involve institutions in testing new features before they are released to production. In cases where an institution participates in testing, the institution’s UDP instance in the SIT environment will be is used.

How status changes

Institutions Institutions may submit a services ticket to request that their SIT UDP tenant is hibernated or waked from a hibernated state (to support a qualified SIT activity). Alternatively, Unizin reserves the right to wake a UDP tenant from hibernation. It can take up to 7 business days for Unizin to wake a hibernated UDP tenant.

Maintenance windows

Unizin maintains a standing maintenance window for the Unizin Data Platform. Unizin will not always use the maintenance window to run a maintenance action. The maintenance window is set for every night between 4 am and 6 am Central Time.