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Engage Offline Mode

A new Offline experience is available with this release, which allows users to download text-based materials and read without an internet connection. Offline mode uses existing browser features to switch between online and offline mode without the need to install any applications or browser extensions. See FAQ below for browser support.

Note: This will replace the Courseload For Chrome extension for Google's Chrome browser that previously enabled offline reading.


Downloading Materials

Downloading materials for offline reading is simple. Use the content menu and toggle on the Keep on device option for the material(s) to be made available offline.

Content begins to download and an indicator displays showing download progress.

Materials fully downloaded and available for offline reading will show with a green checkmark next to the content menu.

Unizin recommends creating a bookmark or favorite to the Unizin Engage application for easy access when offline.

No additional steps are required to allow offline reading.

Connection Status

A new connection status indicator is available to the left of the search on the menu bar. Engage verifies your connection status any time an action is performed and updates the indicator as appropriate.

Reconnecting and Syncing Notes & Highlights

If your connection is restored while working offline, click the connection status indicator to open a menu and click the I'm connected again button.

To update your local storage of your markups (notes & highlights) and markups available to you by others, click the connection status indicator while online and click the Sync data button.


Q: Will Engage Offline work on all browsers? A: The new Offline experience uses the Service Workers browser technology which is currently supported by Chrome and Firefox. At present, IE, Edge, and Safari do not support Service Workers. As they implement these features, those browsers will be able to function offline as well.

Q: How will I access Engage while Offline, without access to the LMS? A: Users should bookmark Engage for later access while offline so that they do not require a browser window to be left open. Users can stay offline for up to 2 weeks, at which point their session will expire and they will need to re-launch Engage to authenticate.

Q: Will all content be available offline? A: All text-based content including proprietary textbooks and instructor-uploaded content will be available. Links and their associated content, including embedded videos, will not be available offline.

Q: Will highlights and notes function offline? A: All markups that are available to the user will be downloaded for offline review. When online, those markups can be synced periodically at the user’s discretion. In this initial version, markups cannot be created or modified while offline; markups will be in a read-only state. Future releases will expand this functionality.

Q: How does this impact analytics? A: Page read data is cached while the user is offline and is transmitted back when Engage changes to online mode. Instructors may see infrequent, large changes in a user’s reading data if they are tend to read content primarily offline.

Q: What happens to the Courseload For Chrome extension? A: This extension is sunset as of 8/25/2016.

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