Unizin Data Platform

Canvas Data Additions, Fall 2021


Release Date

September 7, 2021

Key Features

Introduces new entities and elements to the Unizin Common Data Model (UCDM) that allow additional data points from Canvas Data to be mapped.


The following entities and elements have been added to the UCDM. For information describing how Canvas Data (CD) fields map to these new elements, please see the Unizin resources site.

New Entities:

  • Learning environment organization

  • Learning outcome

  • Learning outcome group

New Elements in Existing Entities:

  • Course offering: learning environment end date, learning environment start date, learning environment organization id, learning environment code.

  • Course section: learning environment name, learning environment original course offering id.

  • Academic term: learning environment term end date, learning environment term begin date.

  • File: is locked.

This release does not include the `Learning outcome group-Learning outcome` or `Person-Email` entities which will require further research, validation, and development by Unizin's engineering team.

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