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In Order Tool, there are two concepts of a catalog:

  1. Public Catalog: The public catalog contains a master inventory of all content items that have ever been or are currently on offer at an institution.

  2. Offer Catalog: This catalog is derived from the master catalog and only contains content items that are on offer for the particular term it is generated for.

The Catalog Tool enables Program Administrators, Instructors, and Course Coordinators to search against the Public Catalog to find information around pricing (current and historical, if available), deliverability of content, and ISBNs associated with a title. This tool can be leveraged to look into any concerns about contents on offer that Order Tool users come across.


Navigating to the Catalog Tool

To access the Catalog Tool, the user shall navigate to the Header and select Catalog.

Once selected, the user will have the ability to query the Public Catalog by the title, publisher, ISBN, or any material data to find titles and any available information about them.

Interacting with Catalog Search Results

The user can refine their search either by editing the search query or by using the provided filters.

Filtering Results

The user can filter the results by Publishers and Material Type. For the Publishers filter, the user can select the names of the publishers the user would like to refine the results by. The user can also select the types of material they would like to refine the results by. At present, the two material types supported in Order Tool are "DLT" and "eText".

Sorting Results

Results of content are displayed based on a best match query. The user can sort the results by Title by navigating to the "Sort by" drop-down menu and selecting "Title A-Z" or "Title Z-A."

Pricing Information and More Details

The average price and average percent savings for each material will be provided on the right side of the window. The price with a strikethrough is the average print list price.

Additional information about a content item may be found by clicking the "Show more details" drop-down menu for each material. This menu will present the user with the ability to view Author and Publisher information.

To view more details of a content item, a user may click on the material to present additional information.

Details for Pricing History for all available catalog offers for a term, Student Savings, and the offer price comparisons are presented from most recent to oldest. Student savings are calculated based on the difference between the list price and Unizin's program price. Prices may vary by term. Note: Pricing History is only available to Program Administrator profiles.

Selecting "Report an issue" will allow a user to directly contact Unizin Support to communicate any issues with the Catalog. Note: The Report an issue feature is only available to Program Administrator profiles.

Selecting a content item will provide further details on any of the following information (if available):

  • Estimated Delivery Time (visible to Program Administrators only)

  • Title exemption toggle menu (visible to Program Administrators only)

  • Unizin's average price and percent savings

  • Offer Price and Student Savings (Current and Historical) (visible to Program Administrators only)

  • Additional ISBNs

    • Searchable

    • Print

    • Digital purchase

  • Author(s)

  • Description

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the Public Catalog in the Catalog Tool updated?

  • The Public Catalog is updated with every new offer catalog generation and import into Order Tool.

I found a content item in the Public Catalog Tool and see that it was available for previous terms, but I'm not seeing it offered currently for an upcoming term. Is this a mistake?

  • The Public Catalog Tool contains a master inventory of all contents that have ever been or are currently on offer (i.e., in the catalog in the Courses view) for the institution. It is not uncommon for the availability of contents to change term-by-term. If you'd like to request the content for an upcoming term, please submit a content request.

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