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Email notification upgrades, UI improvements


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Key features

  • Email notification upgrades. We've improved the look, feel, and content of Order Tool's email notifications.

  • Customizable Email notification color. Institutions can now set a custom color to use in the email-based notifications.

  • Post-order messaging is moved. We've moved the custom messaging presented to users after they submit an order from the web application to email notifications.

  • UI improvements. We have fixed a few UI defects with Order Tool.


Notification emails

  • Notification emails will have user-friendly "from" and "reply-to" addresses.

  • Notification emails will have cleaner subject lines (e.g., "Order UNIZIN-20180904-113", "Order UNIZIN-20180904-113 has been updated", "Order UNIZIN-20180904-113 has been canceled").

  • Notification emails now properly display when content requests are added or removed from an order.

  • Notification emails will now appear to be sent through unizin.org.

  • Notification subjects now only contain the customizable app title as a prefix to a more context-specific subject.

  • The custom messaging presented to users after they submit an order has been moved from the web-app to the email notifications. After users submit an order, they will now be returned to the Courses view immediately, where an inline notification confirms to them that their order was submitted. In the email confirmation users receive, they will be presented the custom "post-order" message that is usually used by institutions to set expectations about when their orders will be available.

User interface

  • Terms in the Terms filter are now sorted by their start date in ascending order.

  • Fixed a UI issue where the Filtering panel dropdown menus were transparent and unclickable.

  • Fixed a UI issue where the Institution's custom name for the tool was not presented in emails.

  • Fixed a search issue: all ISBN values are now searched in a content search.

  • When a user clicks "Submit" on an order, the button is inactive until the order is submitted and confirmed. This eliminates the possibility of accidental multiple ordering.

  • If users click a link to an order that is canceled, they're now redirected to the courses view and receive an alert indicating that the order no longer exists.


  • Content searches in Order Tool will now query against all available ISBN values for a title.


  • Through Services, Institutions can provide Unizin a primary color that is used in our email based notifications. The color is used for buttons.

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