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Delivers an entitlements feature that captures “proof of purchase” receipts for each purchase of digital course materials by a student or on a student’s behalf (in the case of a payment waiver). An entitlement belongs to a student and describes how long that student may access the digital course material before re-purchasing it.

This feature will prevent students from re-purchasing course materials that they are already entitled to access them. In addition, this feature includes a student purchase history view.


Detailed information on the entitlements feature is provided below. For additional details, please refer to our resources site.

Automatically captures entitlements. Once the bill-after date has passed for a section, an entitlement is automatically captured for each student purchase of a digital course material. The entitlement describes how long a student may access the digital course material before needing to re-purchase it. The entitlement start date is set as the instruction start date for the section.

Prevents the repurchase of course materials when a student is entitled to it. If a student has an existing and valid entitlement for a course material that is being offered, the student will be prevented from re-purchasing that material. If it is an eText, the course material will be delivered to the student, for that section, in Engage.

Demonstrates student purchase history. As a program administrator, you may review a student’s purchase history in Order Tool. For each student, you can see which course materials were purchased, when they were purchased, and for how long the student is entitled to access them. In addition, you can see the cost of each course material and total savings for the student based on the purchase price (as compared to the print list price). Students can also view their purchase history.

Surfaces length of access in the offer catalog. Length of access refers to the period of time students can access a purchased digital course material. Based on Unizin’s publisher agreements, all eText material offers have a length of access equal to the entirety of the student’s institutional enrollment. In the offer catalog, the length of access is specified for each DLT offer, which varies by title and publisher. If the publisher does not provide length of access information for a DLT offer, the length of access will be described as “fixed access period.”

Opt-Out Rates Report V2. This is an ad-hoc report generated by the Services team upon request and delivered via email. This report was introduced as part of the student choice feature and describes, at that point in time, the opt-out rate for each course material offered in a section for a particular academic term. As part of the entitlements feature, this report will also describe how many students had an entitlement for a course material and, therefore, automatically declined the offer.

Final Declined Offers Feed V2. This feed was introduced as part of the student choice feature and includes a cumulative list of all students who have declined to purchase course materials for a section in a particular academic term. Only finalized declined offers are included in this feed. As part of the entitlements feature, this feed will now include any automatically declined offers where the student had an entitlement. These students should not be charged for the delivery of the course material. For more information, please review the specifications on our resources site.

In addition to the entitlements feature, this release includes the following bug fixes and minor updates:

  • The total cost of course materials that the student intends to purchase is displayed in the "My Courses" view for each term. The total cost calculation sums the offer price for each accepted offer.

  • In the Master Catalog, the average offer price (as opposed to the offer prices for the last four terms) is displayed for each title.

  • Resolves an error when asserting a student choice for a course material where a student has multiple section enrollments (active or inactive) in the course.

  • Instructors can no longer see deleted teaching assignments in the Place an Order view.

  • Orders are now accurately grouped by academic term in the Order History view.

  • Sessions in the Place an Order view are now organized from newest to oldest instruction start date. Sections within each session are ordered alphanumerically according to their Subject and Course Number.

  • Ordering period soft close date (instead of hard close date) is now displayed in the Order History view.

  • Resolves an error when viewing students without enrollments or enrollments where the student choice end date was not explicitly defined for the section. Additionally, the My Courses term selector no longer displays terms where the student does not have active enrollments.

  • Resolves an error when placing an order that requires a user to check the checkbox and accept the terms and conditions each time they submit an order.

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