Requesting eTextbook Files for Accessibility Purposes

How we can help

In an effort to better collaborate with institutions and publishers, Unizin has implemented a process to help share original eTextbook files and republished documents with our customer institutions. In accordance with our agreements with publisher partners, Unizin can help an institution’s Disabled Student Services (DSS) organization receive an eTextbook version of a title, or when possible, a republished eTextbook version of a title. DSS organizations can use this file to serve students who have paid for the content and who meet the institution’s disability criteria.

Our goal is to make educational content available to more students, faster. To help us achieve this goal, we ask that any republished document added by your DSS office be returned to Unizin, so that we may offer the file to a different customer institutional DSS organization with the same need.

To accommodate students with a disability, requests for unlocked PDFs for content may be submitted by completing this form.

In certain instances, we will not be able to deliver a file to your institution’s DSS because we do not have permission from the publisher to do so. If the title you are requesting belongs to a publisher with whom we do not have a pre-approved process in place, we can still help connect you with the proper contact at the publishing company. The Unizin Services Manager assigned to your institution will be in contact with you to provide additional assistance.

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