Bug Fixes & Front-end Modernizations


Release Date

June 8, 2017

Key features

Version 2.21 of Engage introduces many bug fixes and major front-end modernizations.


  • Upgraded Engage to use ReactJS v16.3.

  • Closing the All notes view when you opened it from the Term view now takes you back to the Term view (and proper term).

  • In the All notes view, the "zero results messaging" changes as a function of which filters are applied (e.g., if questions filters are applied but no questions are available, the message is "No questions available").

  • Engage now gracefully handles user clicks to uploaded course materials whose rendering is not yet complete.

  • Engage now presents all bookmarks at once (not 20 at a time).

  • Across Engage, the presentation of sections, Collections (folders) and course materials are now consistently sorted alphabetically (whether in lists, as in the Copy materials experience, or in visual UI components, as in the Terms view).

  • Zoom preferences are now stored per-title and per-browser.

  • Fixed bug that would prevent creating a Collection (Folder).

  • When offline, users are notified that creating highlights and notes will not work until reconnected.

  • When Collections are deleted, the course materials in that collection are presented in the main section view.

  • Fixed a messaging bug in sections without course materials: the "No materials available" message now properly disappears after a course material is added.

  • Fixed bad links to the privacy policy and EULA.

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