Student Choice

Order Tool's student choice feature enables institutions to conform with federal and state statutes that empower students to opt-in or opt-out of course-fee based course materials.

In Order Tool, the student choice feature is used by two key users: Student Choice (Students) and Program Administrators.

Based on the institution's student choice policy as configured in Order Tool, students may opt-in or opt-out of their digital course materials on a title-by-title basis during the student choice period. Program administrators may also assert student choices during the student choice period, as well as review general trends in student choice across their institution. After the student choice period has closed, neither students nor program administrators can make changes. Given an extenuating circumstance, institutions may submit a service ticket to request a change to a student choice after the student choice period has closed. For more information, please review Unizin's student choice policy.

An institution may define and configure its student choice policy in Order Tool. An institution's policy is expressed in Order Tool via data configurations (provided through your SIS data feed) and UI customizations for the student experience.

Order Tool's student choice feature also reports (in an automated feed) all student choices after they have become final.

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