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  • Platform fees and institutional markup fees for content run through Unizin’s Digital Content Program will now automatically be calculated by the Order Tool.

  • Publisher adoption reports will now demonstrate the “Publisher Price,” the exact price they will charge Unizin for content, in place of the “Offer Price.”


Prior to this release, platform fees and institutional markup fees were manually added to offers for content by Unizin’s publisher services team. This update automates the adding of these fees, to ensure better pricing accuracy and it removes the potential of erroneous manual errors.

Previously, publisher adoption reports demonstrated the “offer price” of content, which included any platform fees. This led to confusion as publishers expected to see the price of their content, without any markups applied on publisher adoption reports. This update creates a new pricing label, the “Publisher Price,” which demonstrates the exact price of content for which publishers will charge Unizin.

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