Implementation Guide

Unizin Members may request a Unizin Data Warehouse (UDW) implementation by submitting a Service Request Ticket or emailing

The implementation process includes the selection and implementation of UDW Data Services. At present, Unizin offers Members a Canvas Data UDW Service. This UDW Data Service populates an UDW with Canvas Data from a Member institution's Canvas instance.

An UDW implementation follows these steps:

1. Introduction

Unizin Services will reach out to the individual requesting activation of the UDW once a request is submitted. The purpose of this introduction will be to:

  • Determine if a Master Services Agreement (MSA) Addendum requires a signature. Unizin provides an Addendum to the MSA for each Product Line and therefore the Addendum between Unizin and Member may already be in place.

  • Introduce the concept of a Sponsor Team and prompt the creation of an UDW Sponsor Team.

  • Answer any initial questions before proceeding to the Kick-off call.

2. Sponsor Team Designation

Member Institutions must designate a UDW Sponsor Team. Unizin Services will coordinate with your Institution to ensure a proper Sponsor Team is designated.

Sponsor Teams are owners of the Unizin Data Warehouse service at their Institution. Sponsor Teams are the authoritative contact points for the UDW service. They are responsible supporting the UDW and submitting requests to Unizin, including:

  • Grant or Revoke whitelist IP addresses

  • Grant or Revoke user accounts to the UDW

  • Tier 1 support for UDW users

  • Grant or Revoke Sponsor Team membership

  • New UDW Data Service requests and configuration

Sponsor Teams should include at least three sponsors with different roles in managing, servicing, or using data. For example, an IT Director, Learning Analytics Director, Systems Analyst and Research Lead may constitute an appropriate Sponsor Team.

3. Conduct Kick-off Call

A kick-off call between your Sponsor Team and Unizin Services is scheduled by Unizin. The purpose of this call is to:

  • Review the UDW product

  • Review available UDW Data Services

  • Review Unizin's support model

  • Establish user accounts needs

  • Select UDW Data Services

  • Establish deployment timeline

Sponsor Teams should come to the meeting with a list of individuals for whom they need user account access to the UDW. It is also recommended that Sponsor Teams review the core technology powering the UDW product and its attendant UDW Data Services.

By the end of a kick-off call, the Sponsor Team and Unizin have a firm plan to finalize the UDW implementation at the Member institution.

4. Configure UDW

Unizin restricts access to Member UDWs to user IPs that fall in IP ranges authorized by the Institution. Sponsor Team must provide to Unizin a list of authorized IP ranges in CIDR format.

After receiving the IP range whitelist, Unizin will:

  • Create the UDW instance

  • Apply the IP range whitelist

  • Create user accounts (per the kick-off call)

User account information (usernames, passwords) are transmitted securely to the appropriate individuals.

5. Configure UDW Data Services

Based on the UDW Data Services selected by the Sponsor Team, configuring UDW Data Services may include:

  • Creating new access/API credentials to the data source

  • Enabling access to data source

  • Data source-specific configurations

For example, Unizin's UDW Data Service for Canvas Data requires Canvas API credentials. These credentials are used to periodically fetch Canvas Data files from the Member's Canvas API.

Unizin Services will configure and start a UDW Data Service after it has received all of the necessary information.

6. Service Verification

When installation and configuration are complete, Unizin Services provides the Member Sponsor Team with user account details.

Sponsor Teams then perform Service Verification. Using a Unizin-provided task list, Members are asked to:

  • Verify their ability to connect to the UDW

  • Validate the activation of their UDW Data services

  • Evaluate query performance

Once a Sponsor Team successfully completes Service Verification, the UDW is considered in Production. Sponsor Teams may request additional user accounts via a Service Request Ticket.

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