Student Price

Institutional funding strategy

An institution has the ability to implement a funding strategy through the use of an institutional percent markup on the digital course material's offer price. When institutions implement a funding strategy, there are three prices that matter: list price, offer price, and student price. The list price is the national price charged by the vendor. The offer price is the discounted price negotiated as part of the vendor agreement. The student price is the amount charged to the student for purchasing the offered digital course materials.

Student price calculation

The student price accounts for both the offer price and percent markup associated with an institution’s digital course materials program. If your institution does not have a percent markup fee, then the student price is defaulted to be the same as the offer price.

Student price = offer price + (institutional percent markup)

Markup fee implementation

Institutions may choose to implement a percent markup fee to fund their digital content program or digital teaching and learning technologies ecosystem. Unizin supports this markup fee for institutions and will apply it to all content when generating and loading an institution's offer catalog. Institutions wishing to implement a student markup fee may contact Unizin via email at request at least two weeks prior to an upcoming term's ordering period start date to request the percent markup fee configuration be applied. The percent markup will remain configured thereafter and be applied to all future offer catalogs. When offers are imported through an Institutional Catalog Import, the percent markup configured for your institution is applied automatically to calculate the student price.

Markup fee dependencies

Order Feed 3.0 must be implemented by institutions that plan to utilize the student price feature. This is to ensure that an institution receives and processes a corresponding order feed that accurately represents how much a student will be charged for the purchase of a digital course material with a markup fee.

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