Creating Flashcards

Flashcards are a great way to personalize your studying experience.

Creating Flashcards

Making a flashcard follows the same process as highlighting.

To create a flashcard:

  1. Click and drag your cursor over the text to highlight it.

  2. Select Create a Flashcard from the pop-up.

    1. You can add flashcards to a deck by selecting a deck from the dropdown menu within the task box.

    2. The back side of the card includes your highlighted text.

  3. Type in a note for the front side and select Save.

Studying Flashcards

Once you’ve created your flashcards, the eReader lets you organize them in different ways.

To view your flashcards:

  1. On the Sidebar Manu Select the Flashcard icon.

  2. Select a Deck. (Flashcards are organized by eBook sections or by the decks you’ve created).

    1. The interface displays the front side of the flashcard. To view the back side text, select the Flip Flashcard Icon.

    2. The Options Menu, three dots, allows you to Edit and Delete your Flashcard

You can also check your own understanding of your flashcards. To do so, select the colored icons on the bottom of the backside of the flashcard. The icons stand for different levels of confidence. Green is for high confidence. Yellow is for moderate confidence, and red is for low confidence.

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