Quizzes (ERD)

The UCDM includes a number of entities to represent Quizzes. These entities enable a rich description of quiz-based assessments that are, in aggregate, a subset of learner activities.


The Quizzes entities in the Unizin Common Data Model are as follows:

EntityDefinitionData dictionary documentation


A class of learner activity used to assess learner content mastery.

Quiz item

A particular quiz item in a particular quiz.

Quiz item group

A group of Quiz items.

Quiz item response

The learner response given for a particular quiz item.

Quiz result

A learner response to a quiz.

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

The following Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) represents the UCDM's Quizzes entities and their relationships.

Academic structures ERD only

This diagram only represents entities in the Quizzes section of the Unizin Common Data Model. Any relationships with entities outside of the Quizzes section of the UCDM are not shown here.

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