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This release introduces support for Caliper 1.1 in Engage (the latest version of Caliper). Engage will now emit Caliper 1.1 events and integrate with any number of event stream endpoints, including the Unizin Data Platform. If your institution has already implemented the Unizin Data Platform, Unizin has already configured your Engage integration with your "dev" environment. For developers, documentation of our support for Caliper (behaviors, payloads, etc.) is also available.


There are several aspects to this release but not all of them are technical.

  • Engage's Caliper event streams now support version 1.1 of the Caliper specification (see our documentation for details). This is an upgrade over the current 1.0 support.

  • Engage event streams may be integrated with multiple endpoints. If you have not implemented the Unizin Data Platform but have an alternative system to which you want Engage events posted, the Unizin Services team can enable the configuration.

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