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Expanded events table


Release Date

February 26, 2021

Key Features

The "expanded" event store table increases convenience, performance, and cost-effectiveness of large-scale behavioral queries.


All UDP instances now contain a new table in the UDP Event store, called "expanded," that aggressively expands its representation of a Caliper event in tabular form. The new "expanded" table lives alongside the "events" table in the "event_store" dataset of each UDP instance. The "expanded" table explodes the contents of Caliper events –including the JSON blob and JSON nodes– into separate columns of a single Caliper event record.

Additional features of the new "expanded" table include:

  • A more complete representation of a Caliper event's identifiers for Person and Course offering using the STRUCT data type. The "expanded" tables will make it easier to use the given identifiers in an Event and the learning tool identifiers that are parsed from an event's IRIs or retrieved from the enrichment process.

  • The date and time (e.g., "16:00") components of the event's timestamp are now separated into distinct columns.

  • Canvas events now have a consistent, singular "ed_app" value, making it easier to identify Canvas events.

Please visit our docs site for full documentation on the new "expanded" table, where you can also find information about how to access your institution's UDP event store. We also provide a brief migration guide to move from using the events table to the expanded table.

Known Issues

The data in the "expanded" table begins on 2/26/2021. In a forthcoming release, Unizin will backfill behavioral data from each institution's "events" table into its "expanded" table.

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