Text to Speech

Many users find Text-To-Speech (TTS) quite helpful as another way to ingest reading material.

To access this feature, click the ear button in the bottom right and it will launch your Text-To-Speech controls.

Volume Control

Increase or decrease the volume by moving the volume slider up or down. Clicking the icons to the left and right of the slider will decrease or increase the slider value by one. \

Audio Controls

Use the Play/Pause buttons to start and stop the Text-To-Speech at any time or jump forward or backward 10 words with the circular arrow keys.

Voice and Rate Controls

Finally, you have the ability to change both the voice and the rate to truly cater the experience to your specific needs. Choose from 50 different voices and 7 different speeds that range from .5x to 3x.

Read Aloud from Here

If you’d rather start reading in the middle of the page, you can use the Read Aloud from Here feature. Select the text in the book where you would like to start reading and click Read Aloud from Here. The Text-to-Speech software will launch the Text-to-Speech controls and handle the rest.

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