Vendor Sandbox Tenant

Unizin offers a Vendor Sandbox Tenant to our vendor partners. This tenant contains anonymized student information system (SIS) data and runs on the same version as our institutional production tenants. The catalog items and offers mirror those available to our institutions, but the offer prices are defaulted values and do not reflect actual offer prices.

The purpose of this tenant is for our vendor partners to experience the ordering process as an instructor and the purchasing process as a student. The same instructor and student credentials are available to be used by all of our vendor partners. Please reach out to the Unizin team for credentials. These credentials may not be shared outside of your organization.

In addition, vendor partners may also use this tenant to review their catalog items and offers in our marketplace. The Vendor Sandbox tenant is not meant as a staging environment for offer catalogs each term, but instead, it might be used for vendor partners that are new to our marketplace, considering joining our marketplace, or reviewing how their catalog items and offers appear at a high-level. If you are new or considering joining our marketplace, your catalog items and offer may not be included in this tenant. Please coordinate with the Unizin team to add your catalog items and offers so that you may review and iterate as needed.

The Vendor Sandbox Tenant will be occasionally refreshed to its default state. Any orders and content requests that are added, updated, or removed as the instructor user or purchasing decisions asserted as the student user will be erased at this time. A 24-hour notice will be provided ahead of this refresh. Please let us know at that time if you would like us to postpone the refresh for any reason.

For any additional questions or feedback, please reach out to the Unizin team.

Receiving a "Forbidden" error? This is a known redirect error that can occur when you log out of the Order Tool application. To resolve the error, simply clear your browser cache.

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