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Order Tool now supports a Program Administrator role. This new role is focused on enabling institutional administrators through various workflows that support their work to manage back-office processes. Program Administrators will have privileges to all of Order Tool year-round, including the ability to order content and review the order history. By empowering administrators with workflows for back-office management, Order Tool enables institutions to scale their digital content programs efficiently.

The first release will include two administrative workflows:

  1. Program Admins will be able to access, review, and interact with a master content catalog through the new Catalog Tool. The workflows will enable Program Admins to obtain and relay availability and pricing information, and report any issues with content availability, deliverability, and pricing.

  2. Program Admins will be able to monitor orders and reach out to ordering staff in Order Tool's new Schedule of Classes (SoC)as ordering unfolds.


The tool (Catalog Tool) around catalog and inventory management will enable Program Administrators to:

  • find information about title availability and pricing (current and historical, as available)

  • find digital and/or print ISBNs associated with titles

  • find approximate content delivery estimates

  • report an issue or submit an inquiry to Unizin staff

The tool (Schedule of Classes) around order monitoring and management will enable Program Administrators to:

  • compare historical and current orders placed in Order Tool to make sure ordering is occurring as expected

  • reach out to appropriate Instructors and/or Coordinators, as needed, regarding outstanding orders for sections

  • reference canceled sections along with corresponding order information, if available

Documentation for the Catalog Tool and the Schedule of Classes can be found on our Resources site.

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