UDP Marts

UDP Marts Infrastructure Released to Prod GCP Environment


Release Date

July 28, 2023

Key Features

  • We are open-sourcing all of our mart definitions and helper tables used to build the final marts. The code is found in the Marts repository here.

  • Each mart has its dependencies visualized in interactive Mermaid chart SVGs. These are accessible in both Gitlab and the Unizin resources site. For example, the LMS Tool Use Mart page has an interactive dependency visualization embedded with the rest of the documentation.

  • A new BigQuery (BQ) dataset, called mart_helper, will store all of the helper tables used to build the final marts. Users are welcome to query and utilize these tables alongside the rest of the marts and UDP data; however, complete documentation will remain at the final mart layer. The SQL code for these “helper” tables lives in the Gitlab mart repository.


Full documentation of the new marts infrastructure can be found on this docs page.

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