Loading schemas

A UDP Loading schema represents a subset of the UCDM ontology that defines a context dataset that can be expected from a class of tools.

The purpose of a UDP Loading schema is to define a standard interface for context data to be imported into the UDP. If a learning tool or system produces a dataset that conforms with a UDP loading schema, its data can be imported into a UDP instance.

Unizin maintains a catalog of UDP loading schemas that are used for different kinds of learning tools as well as the Student Information System (SIS).

Unizin maintains a catalog of UDP Loading schemas in order to serve different kinds of learning tools. For example, some learning tools are designed to facilitate class discussions while others deliver video-based learning experiences. For each type of learning tool, it is valuable to make distinct loading schemas, since the types of context data available from each of these learning tools will differ. Rather than define a single data interface applicable to all learning tools, the UDP defines distinct data interfaces for classes of tools.

Visit our full UCDM and UDP Loading schema documentation.

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