Collaboration and Note Sharing

In the Additional Options menu in the eReader, you will see a header called ‘Collaboration’ which allows you to share your notes in the eReader with others, and allow them to share their notes with you.

The first tab under ‘Note Sharing’ will allow you to share your notes with others. A unique code is generated, per book, that you can provide others with to gain access to your notes. If at any time you choose to stop sharing, you can toggle off ‘Share my notes’. If you want to remove sharing access, you can generate a new code, which will invalidate the previous code and remove access for everyone on the old code.

The second tab, ‘View and Subscribe’ allows you to subscribe to someone else’s notes. Similar to how you share your code, another person can share their notes with you. They will provide you with their code (unique per book), and once you enter the code and click Subscribe, you will see the sharer’s notes in your book. Additionally, you can toggle on/ off seeing someone else's notes, or remove their notes entirely.

Once someone has shared their notes with you, you will see them appear in the Reader. Your notes will show as ‘My Notes’ and the sharer's notes will show as ‘Shared Notes’.

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