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This minor release introduces a set of accessibility enhancements proposed by Ohio State University. We thank the OCIO Accessibility Analysts and Digital Accessibility Center at Ohio State for their recommendations and dialog. Also, this release introduces a few bug fixes.


  • The "Home" button is no longer labeled “Term” but “Home,” for users of adaptive technologies (AT).

  • In the "Home" view, adds H3 headings for Section collections.

  • Users can now open, navigate, and escape from the analytics modal with keyboard interactions.

  • When the user changes a page in the Engage Reader, the focus is maintained on the button they used to change the page.

  • The “Go to” text input in the Engage reader is properly labeled as such for adaptive technology users.

  • After users conduct a search, the focus is set on the first search result. If no search results are returned, the focus is set on the text input of the search form.

  • Descriptive labels to the external search links on the search results page have been added for AT users.

  • The title attribute is removed from the previous and next buttons in the reader.

  • Fixes a bug in which notes in the Reader jumped or stretch given the right combination of user actions.

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