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A series of updates to Engage are planned for 2016 with the following goals in mind:

  • Responsive Design - The experience is being optimized for all devices (laptops, tablets, and phones). Engage is now responsive to all form factors.

  • Content Experience - The changes optimize the content experience, with more screen space dedicated to content. Clicks are being reduced to access common functions.

  • Offline - A new method of offline access that removes the need for a Chrome Extension is on the way, utilizing new browser standards.

  • Additional Content Types - In addition to pdf-based texts, uploaded documents, and links, additional content types will soon be available. Support for ePub and video content is currently underway.

Several of these goals have progress in recent releases, but the 5/18 release was the first with major noticeable changes. The release for 6/2 will have another set of major UI changes for the term view.

Key Features

This release primarily focuses on a clean and responsive Term View user interface. At a glance, many of the differences are apparent in the below before & after screenshots.

Before Release:

After Release:


Key changes include:

  • Improved usage of space by moving section details (subject, course number, instructor, etc) above the materials.

  • Increased visibility of cover images by moving titles below the material and removing badge overlays.

  • Responsive design for all form factors.

  • Updated fonts and styles for improved readability.

Where Do I Find...

Below are quick tips on where you can find the new placement of existing features.

Viewing Analytics

  1. Choose Analytics from the menu.

  2. The analytics overlay appears.

Uploading Materials

  1. Choose Upload Material.

  2. Complete the upload steps as necessary.

  1. Choose Add External Link.

  2. Complete the steps as necessary.

Copying Materials

  1. Choose Copy Materials.

  2. Complete the copy steps as necessary.

Adding a Collection

  1. Choose Add a Collection.

  2. Complete the steps as necessary.

Deleting a Collection

  1. Choose Delete from the menu.

  2. No confirmation is required and the delete is immediate. Materials will be returned to the section level.

Editing the materials in a Collection

  1. Choose Edit from the menu.

  2. An overlay appears allowing you to select/de-select materials.

  3. Click Save

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