Coordinator permissions

Coordinators place content orders for the Course assignments of others based on permissions granted to them by their Institution.

Permission configuration

Permissions may be configured based on data provided by your institution about Sections. For each Section taught at your institution, your Institution will or may provide the following data:

  • A Course subject (e.g., "BIO" in "BIO 101"; required)

  • A Course level (e.g., "Undergraduate," "Graduate," "Business"; required)

  • A Department, College, or School affiliation (e.g., "The Department of Sociology," "College of Engineering"; required)

  • A Campus affiliation (e.g., "IU Bloomington"; optional)

All four values associated with a Section may be used to configure Coordinator permissions.

Example permissions

The following are example permissions configured for a Coordinator:

  • The Coordinator may place orders for any course at their Institution with a "BIO" course subject.

  • The Coordinator may place orders for all course sections offered by "The Department of Sociology" at a particular regional campus.

Coordinators may be granted more than one permission. For example, a particular Coordinator may be permitted to submit content orders for the College of Engineering at one regional campus and the College of Fine Arts at another.

Coordinator permissions are granted by your Institution's IT organization, usually in advance of a particular Ordering period.

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