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Multiple SIS Data Ingests Per Day & Simplified Manifest Files


Release Date

September 22, 2021

Key Features

Adds support for multiple SIS ingests per day and simplified manifest file names. By ingesting SIS data more often, you can ensure that your context data is up-to-date when performing research and analysis. Also, the simplification of manifest file names improves readability for institutions and the Unizin team.

These features are backwards compatible. No action is required unless an institution wants to take advantage of these offerings.


Additional information about this release is outlined below:

Multiple SIS Ingests Per Day

Please reach out to Unizin Services to implement additional SIS ingests per day. Once a time for these new ingests is determined, the Unizin team will schedule them daily. Any additional SIS ingests should be scheduled with the normal 4am UTC ingestion time in mind.

To implement this feature, you must update your SIS folder names. The new folder naming convention is as follows (ISO-8601): “YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss” where T stands for time, HH is hours, mm is minutes, and ss is seconds. For example, an SIS folder name might be “2021-09-22T01:25:53”.

Please note: this is an optional feature. Only those institutions seeking to implement multiple SIS ingests per day must update their SIS folder names.

Simplified Manifest Files

The manifest file (or “sis_daily.done”) can be simplified to improve its readability.

The manifest file version 1 (where the version attribute is “v1”) supports the following format for the “files:” section:

name: academic_term_2021-09-21.csv

checksum: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Now, you may update to version 2 (where the version attribute is “v2”) and simplify the format of the “files:” section to be as follows:

academic_term: xxxxxxxxx_checksum_xxxxxxxxxxx

course_section: xxxxxxxxx_checksum_xxxxxxxxxxx

You’ll notice that, instead of naming each value (name, checksum), only the name of the table and the checksum should be included. Also, the date is no longer needed since it will be inferred from the name of the SIS folder.

In addition to the “files:” section of the manifest, the file names themselves may also be simplified such that the date no longer needs to be included. For example, the file name can be simplified to “academic_term.csv”.

Please note: the simplification of the “files:” section and the file names are backwards compatible. Only those institutions seeking to implement these files must make these changes.

Documentation related to the manifest file updates can be found on our Resources Site.

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