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Release Date

January 12, 2021

Key Features

There are two new features in this release:

  • All Canvas-native context data now imports into the Context store

  • Keydrift management


Canvas-native data

The UDP's context data pipeline will now import all Canvas-native data that does not have corresponding SIS data. For those institutions using the UDW, all data available in the UDW is now available in the UDP Context store. Previously, terms, courses, course sections, and users that originate in Canvas (rather than the SIS) were left out of the UDP.

We have an example on our Resources Site of how you might migrate a UDW-query to a UDP Context store query.

Keydrift management

Keydrift occurs when the relationships between SIS and LMS identifiers changes. This typically happens when SIS terms, courses, course sections, and users change the identifiers for existing records (which can happen for a number of reasons). The relationship of those records to their corresponding LMS records then breaks or gets reassigned; i.e., SIS keys "drift" from one relationship with an LMS to another (or lose it entirely). Keydrift identification and management can be difficult and time-consuming, but are vital to maintaining an accurate keymap. Both were previously handled by our Services team; now, we have built automation to manage keydrift issues.

UCDM changes

Added an "Auditor" role to the RefRole option set. Institutions can now identity students who are auditing a course in their Course section enrollment data.

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