Order Tool’s entitlements feature informs purchasing decisions made by students or program administrators (on the behalf of a student) based on whether or not they have an existing and valid entitlement for the course material.

An entitlement is a record established upon purchase of a title by a student or on behalf of a student (i.e. payment waiver). Once purchased, students are entitled to access a title for the length of time defined by our publisher agreements or the publisher themselves. An entitlement is valid for a section if the entitlement end date is on or after the instruction end date for the section.

This feature prevents students from re-purchasing course materials they are already entitled to access. It delivers a purchase history view that demonstrates all student purchases from current and past academic terms.

In Order Tool, the entitlements feature is used by two key users: students and program administrators.

Prevent re-purchase of course materials when a student has an entitlement

If a student has an existing and valid entitlement for a course material that is being offered, the student will be prevented from re-purchasing that material. If it is an eText, the course material will be delivered to the student, for that section, in Engage.

Automatically declined offers for billing purposes

Once the bill-after date has passed for a section, an entitlement is automatically captured for each finalized student purchase. The entitlement describes how long a student may access the digital course material before re-purchasing it.

If a student has a valid and existing entitlement and, therefore, does not need to re-purchase the course material in order to receive it, this is described in the Final declined offers feed as an automatically declined offer. This feed is delivered to institutions so that students may be billed accurately.

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