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Changes to the Term, Course, and Section models; introduces a Session


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This release introduces changes to the Term, Course, and Section models with corresponding changes to a University's data integration feeds. The release also introduces a new Session model with its own integration feed. Please see our data integration documentation for a description of the changes.


  • Sessions - The Order Tool now understands an Institution's Terms and Sessions, enabling an ordering experience closer to faculty, instructor, and course coordinator expectations.

  • Courses - have become Course offerings in 1.3, enabling a better modeling of instructional offerings and their relations to Sessions and Terms.

  • The Section model has new data attributes! - These include a Label, Section number, Class number, and Section type. The last element –Section type– will not be used in the UI in 1.3.0 but will drive future features that optimize ordering by Section type.

  • Section label - Institutions may now specify the label used to describe a section to users. This gives Institution's the ability to customize a section label in a way that makes sense for their users.

  • Bill after date - The Session model includes a "bill_after_date" attribute that institutions must provide. For any given Session, this date indicates the point in the Session after which Unizin invoices institutions for their digital course materials.

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