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Last updated: August 27, 2019

This document is an amendment to Unizin's general Support Policy.

The information contained in this policy applies to Unizin Data Warehouse (UDW) only.

Scope of support

The Unizin Data Warehouse is a data store hosted in Unizin cloud infrastructure. It hosts Canvas Data, a data service offered by Instructure. The UDW Support Policy extends only to the provisioning and availability of the data store used to host Canvas Data. Unizin does not provide tools or custom tool development to access the UDW. Unizin cannot assure the quality, availability, or any other assurance regarding the Canvas Data Service.

The Unizin Data Warehouse supports ODBC, JDBC and direct-access client tools to access the UDW. Unizin cannot provide technical support for the client tools selected by Members to access their UDW, but will attempt to assist when possible. To troubleshoot connection issues, Universities/Tier 1 support may try using SQL Workbench/J and the Redshift JDBC driver to check performance or connection issues (as recommended by Amazon).

Unizin does not optimize or rewrite queries for Members. Unizin reserves the right to terminate your queries if they do not terminate on their own. Excessively long-running or resource abusive queries will be terminated. If your queries perform poorly or have long execution times, you may consider local expertise to optimize the query. If you suspect a performance issue unrelated to a particular query, please create a support request following the normal Tier 2 support process.

UDW Requests Data Retention Policy

Unizin maintains a requests data retention policy for the UDW. The policy is that we will keep two term’s worth of requests data active before deleting historical data in the UDW.

For example, at the end of the Fall 2020 term, we may proceed to delete the Spring 2020 term requests data (keeping Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 requests data until the following term has ended).

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