BigQuery Datasets


Unizin members may also have access to raw Canvas Data 2 tables/i.e. datasets in Google's BigQuery, adjacent to their modeled UDP data. This simplifies the ability to query across raw and modeled Canvas Data. The CD2 tables in BigQuery are updated every 24 hours. Unizin retains a rolling seven-day history of files.

A new dataset for each dump namespace will be delivered for all institutions. The names of the two datasets are: canvas and canvas_catalog.

  • canvas: untransformed "raw" CD2 data.

  • canvas_catalog: new Canvas Catalog data.

To request access to Canvas Data tables in BigQuery, please submit a support ticket by emailing

User Access

Similar to all UDP user access requests, each individual must receive a Data Steward's written approval and submit it to Unizin via support ticket so access may be granted. A user must clearly indicate the method for which they want to consume the raw CD2 data (i.e. tables/datasets in BigQuery).

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