eReader Layout

The eReader utilizes an all-new layout that intuitively groups the various tools and settings into four main areas:

1) Top Bar (known as an App Bar): Contains the Learning Tools toggle menu along with the most utilized eReader tools: Contents, Search, Appearance Settings, and Additional Options.

  • The Additional Options tool contains many features including Offline Access, Print, Collaboration, Keyboard Shortcuts, Language Selection, and Help.

2) Learning Tools Drawer: Contains interactive tools and resources like Notes and Highlights, Flashcards, Copied Content, and Classroom (if applicable), which enhance the digital experience. This drawer is open by default when you open your book.

3) Main Content: Contains the book content, your annotations, your inline notes and Classroom questions (if applicable).

4) Navigation Bar: Contains the tools that help you understand where you are in the book and advance you to other areas of the book. This bar also contains the bookmarks button, and the Text-To-Speech button that launches an additional control bar above the navigation bar to read the text aloud.

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