Coordinator and Program Administrator Order History

Based on their permissions, Coordinators and Program Administrators may see a complete history of orders that have been placed by them, Instructors, other Coordinators, and other Program Administrators, if any.

The filters enable Coordinators to quickly find particular orders of interest. Coordinators may filter by a set of attributes common to orders, courses, and sections. Users may also search by order number to quickly locate a particular order of interest.

The Terms and Campus filters will not appear if Coordinators do not have access to multiple terms or campuses. The Course Subject, Course Number, Course Levels, and Instructor Name filters will not appear if only a single order is presented.

Once a particular order is located, the Order actions enable Coordinators and Program Administrators to view, edit, or cancel orders.

For Coordinators, edit and cancel actions are only available if the Ordering period for the sections on the order remains open. If the Ordering Period is closed, then these actions are not available. Program Administrators' actions are not dependent on an open Ordering period. These administrators can place, edit, and cancel orders throughout the duration of a Term.

A link to the order is always displayed below the Course subject & number in the left-most column of the Order history list view.

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