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Batch ingest release, database resource improvements, and UCDM SIS 2.0 loading schema option


Release Date

March 20, 2023

Key Features

This release introduces internal improvements to batch-ingest that will allow Unizin to better manage database resources and improve reliability and speed of the pipeline. It also includes new option set values added for Person, Course Section, and Academic Degree entities.


All non-infrastructure user queries that are running at an institution's ingest run-time will be cancelled to prevent deadlocking of resources in the context_store database. Queries run by users belonging to the institution role will be cancelled if they take longer than ten minutes. This is to prevent deadlocking of tables in the context_store database and it ensures that Airflow can process institutional data without interruption.

The new option set values added to the UCDM are linked below:

Person Entity

citizenship_one (ref_country)

sex (ref_sex)

Course Section

type (ref_course_section_type)

Academic Degree

educational_level (ref_degree_educational_level)

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